Become waste-free! Our Mission

The Problem

Human Waste

38 million plastic bottles end up in landfills annually.

Average person discards 185 lbs of plastic yearly.

Our Mission

To provide a means of attaining a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Ecocentric: Who we are

Ecocentric is a company on a mission: to make a sustainable lifestyle attainable. We provide our consumers with products that are recycled and reusable. These products are sold in a selection of kits that include bamboo utensils, waste-free soaps, and biodegradable toiletries for your home. For the eco-friendly adventurer, we offer travel-sized products that are easy to transport. We encourage you to join us in the zero-waste movement.

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Check out the people
who make us who we are.
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Co-Chief Technology Officers
Ryan Bui
Nathan Bui

Social Media

Director of Social Media
Nancy Tran
Natalie Roldan

Digital Media

Director of Digital Media
Huy Troung
Digital Media Associates
James Bola
Dan Le


Co-Director of Sales
Natalie Roldan
Nancy Tran
Sales Associates
James Bola
Dan Le

Human Resources

Co-Director of Human Resources
James Do
Jasmine Mundo
Angela Pham


Director of Fundraising
Vyana Nguyen
Fundraising Associate
Melaney Pham


Chief Executive Officer
Ethan Nguyen
Chief Operating Officer
Vivian Le
Director of Operations
William Tyler


Chief Technical Officer
William Tran
Director of Accounting
Nathan Nguyen


Co-Director of Communications
Han Nguyen
Jacqueline Nguyen
Communications Associates
Logan Duong


Co-Director of Marketing
Marina Beam
Jace Sweetman
Marketing Associate
Melaney Pham